One of the pleasures of public work is that I get to research the community’s identity, the people of distinction, and its social history. Then find innovative ways to combine it with the subject to create a sense of place.

This approach allows me to capture and give life to the unique qualities that define the client’s space or identity

My approach to sculpting a statue is to create a portrait to be timeless. That requires a classical style of portraiture and realism which transcends a period or era and is something that would have been enjoyed a thousand years ago or a thousand years hence.

Having experience with a wide variety of
materials allows me to create with purpose, and gives me the confidence to know
that if we can dream it, then we can make it.

My ability to create in diverse mediums such as ceramic, bronze, wood and stone allows me to integrate each sculpture into its distinctive surroundings while maintaining flexibility when working with architects, designers, individual collectors and public art agencies.

My works range in scale from tabletop to monumental and are collected both publicly and privately.

Capabilities include:

Research, design, sculpting, casting, fabrication, Engineering and installation.

Jeff L. Hall
39331 Rodeffer Rd.
Lovettsville, VA. 20180

Phone: (540) 822-5398